10 ways to make baby's first christmas memorable

10 Ways to Make Baby’s First Christmas Unforgettable 

Make your baby's first Christmas unforgettable with these ten festive ideas for baby.
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A baby’s first 12 months are filled with milestones, and one of the most important occasions is baby’s first Christmas. Parents can feel stressed to immortalize every moment from celebrations to photo shoots and visiting family members who haven’t met the little one yet. Still, it’s important to remember to take in the joy and excitement of the season too. 

This list of 12 ways to make a baby’s first Christmas unforgettable is made to help both new parents and baby. You will find a holiday game plan that’s just right for the whole family and will you make baby’s first Christmas fun and festive. Best of all, the list of Christmas ideas below will help you calm the stress of planning for Christmas with your baby, there’s already enough to do during this magical time of the year.

Donate Unused Belongings

When the year comes to an end you start to feel the need for a fresh start, one of the best ways to do this is to clear out old belongings that you do not use, especially baby items that your little one has grown out of. These items can be donated to many charities in your area to help with Christmas baskets for those in need. Check online or in your local paper to see where you can drop off the bags of items, this is usually at your community center or fire station. Your community will thank you and the good deed will warm your heart. Your baby might even get to see a cool fire truck.

christmas wish list

Set up a Wish List

It’s never too early to start a wish list for baby. If you have an eye on a video baby monitor, an educational toy, or a cute outfit for baby add it to your wish list for friends and family members when they start to ask what to give your baby for Christmas. This ensures your seal of approval and will also help everyone know what you need and want for baby. Babies grow up so fast, a wish list can help those who aren’t sure of sizes or toys that are best for a specific age.

Don’t Overbook

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to making baby’s first Christmas unforgettable is to not overbook. You’ve worked so hard to create a routine that works for both you and baby all year long. The holidays can get crazy with family visits and traveling, try to stay on track with schedules like feeding, play, and naps. If needed, remind your relatives that this is a non-negotiable necessity. Take advantage of the downtown to catch up with loved ones and have some adult time without baby.

Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery

Babies love anything that sparkles. If you have some leftover decorations after decorating the Christmas tree and your home why not add a few dazzling decorations to your baby's nursery? Your baby will love to look at the twinkling lights or baubles when it wakes up from its nap. Just be sure to put everything out of reach. A few ideas include hanging paper snowflakes from the ceiling and adding a string of twinkle lights over the crib.

Get Out the Christmas Stories

If you love to read a story to your baby before bed you might be getting a little tired of the traditional Good Night Moon. Take advantage of the Christmas season to pull out festive stories like Twas’ the Night Before Christmas or The First Christmas. This will be enjoyable for baby to see new pictures on the pages and also great for mom or dad to have a change in the routine. This can be done all year long with different occasions like Halloween and Valentine’s day, keep a collection of stories on rotation to entertain your baby as it grows up and who can one day read the books to you. You can even have a cute area in your baby’s nursery for the books and change the theme as the year rolls by.

start christmas tradition baby

Start Your Own Christmas Tradition

Every family needs it's own Christmas tradition. One of our favorite ways to make baby’s first Christmas memorable, and future Christmases to come, is to buy or make a special ornament for the Christmas tree. You can find many ways to make your own online or you can purchase a custom bauble with the year and any other meaningful details. Keep these precious souvenirs in a special box to take out and add to every year. We guarantee you’ll find yourself gazing at each ornament every year with joy as the memories rush to your mind and heart. They also make wonderful stories to tell your loved ones as they admire your unique Christmas tree.

Choose the Perfect Stocking

Another top milestone for baby’s first Christmas is the perfect stocking. Hanging a Christmas stocking is a magical tradition that starts off the Christmas season. Find a cute option that will grow with your baby, add their name for a custom touch, and get a matching one for mom and dad. A good tip for the Christmas stocking is to get a bigger one that will be suitable for larger gifts as your baby grows up.

DIY a Holiday Card

Everyone loves to receive Christmas cards in the mail. Grandma will be surprised when she goes to the mailbox and finds a cute Christmas card with a picture of your baby in a festive holiday outfit. Making your own Christmas card is very easy with the free technology available to us online. If you’re crafty, make your own with a printed picture and stock card. You can also use an online service to easily create Christmas cards with your pictures for your whole family. The added bonus is that Christmas cards double as Christmas decorations for your loved ones to hang on a string or place on their mantle to bring a smile to their face each time they look at it.

enjoy winter wonderland outdoors christmas

Enjoy the Lights Outdoors

Some neighborhoods are turned into winter wonderlands during the festive season. Christmas lights and decorations pop up after Halloween and when it gets dark they turn a boring street into an amazing one. Your baby will love to take a stroll at night and take in the sparkling lights and decorations. There’s so much creativity to see. If your neighborhood doesn’t celebrate or the lights are few and far between, get in your car and drive down streets to find the magical Christmas communities. This is a fun activity for the entire family. Invite the grandparents for the walk and stop for hot chocolate to rest and catch up afterwards.

Visit Santa

Every parent wants a perfect picture of baby with Santa, but in reality, a picture of Santa with your baby can be tricky. The long waits can cause your baby to get fussy and the strange man who wants to hold him or her can bring on an unexpected tantrum of terror. The best thing you can do is stay close and crouch down while holding baby near Santa if he or she doesn’t want to be held by the jolly man in the red suit. Every year will get easier, this is just an overwhelming moment for your baby, and not all react the same way. If you really want the perfect picture with Santa do it in a familiar place like your living room with someone dressed in a suit that your baby feels comfortable with. This picture is can be used with the Christmas card or even imprinted on a bauble to make your personalized Christmas decoration for the tree.

No matter what you choose to do to make your Christmas memorable your baby will enjoy it and you will too. Remember that your baby takes in the world around them through their senses. Smells, touches, and excitement through their eyes like looking at the sparkly decorations is the best way to go to make your baby’s first Christmas one of a kind. Holiday music, great food, and the love of family and friends help tie up the festive season in a neat little bow.