When Do You Stop Using a Baby Monitor?

When Do You Stop Using a Baby Monitor?

Have you ever wondered when to start using a baby monitor and when to stop using a baby monitor?

Baby monitors are typically used for babies first few years of life, but have you ever wondered when to start using a baby monitor and when to stop using a baby monitor? As a new parent you won’t want to miss a single moment. A baby monitor with long range and WIFI capabilities will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your baby while it’s sleeping and while you are doing chores around the house or just taking a much needed break on the couch. An iOS and Android video monitor that pairs to an app allows you to stream the camera feed while you are at work, at the grocery store and even across the country. As long as there’s a WIFI connection you can see what’s happening in the nursery by using a baby camera with monitor and app.

Three Types of Baby Monitors:  

  1. Audio Monitors
  2. Video Monitors
  3. Wifi Monitors

There are 3 basic kinds of baby monitors available. Each one has its own features and can work with your lifestyle depending on your budget and needs. We will break them all down for you below.

Audio Monitors:

An audio only monitor is for sound only. This budget friendly choice will suit your needs if you want to hear if your baby is awake and crying or stirring in its crib. Audio monitors can have a WIFI option to hear audio on your phone too. Unlike video monitors, there is no handheld screen with audio monitors so you cannot see what is happening.

Video Monitors:

A video monitor is a baby monitor that doesn’t need WIFI. It uses radio signals to connect the camera and the monitor. Your video monitor will rely on the range to work. A video monitor is a battery powered baby monitor that usually lasts about 1-2 hours on battery. You can bring the monitor with you around the house to watch as your baby sleeps or plays. Most of the baby monitor cameras need to be plugged in but some are battery operated while allow for more portability. With this kind of baby monitor you can keep the screen on to get a constant stream of video but if you want to conserve the battery to use it for a longer period, we suggest using the screen saver which will turn your monitor into an audio monitor. To get the video back all you need to do is press a button.

WIFI Monitors:

A WIFI baby monitor is the most versatile monitor of the bunch. It can be used as an audio monitor with the screen saver and as a simple video monitor without any WIFI connecting by using radio signals only. It also has the capability to connect to your Android or iOS phone using an app. This means that you can monitor your baby with your smartphone from anywhere and WIFI baby monitors usually have extra features in the app like alerts and recordings. If you are separated from your baby for a period of time you will love a baby cam iPhone or Android monitor. Chillax has a ton of free features available with the ChillaxCare app.

How Long to Use a Baby Monitor?

Now that we’ve broken down the different types of baby monitors available you must be wondering how long to use a baby monitor? Since a baby monitor is an investment, you want to get your money’s worth and we are here to help you see how long you can actually use it, not just for a baby.

Ways to Use a Baby Monitor: 

There are many ways to use a baby monitor, and this post will help you answer the question of do you need a baby monitor?


The main purpose of a baby monitor with a camera is to help with bedtimes and naps, to help transition a toddler to a bed, watch your babies play while you do things around the house, communicate with your baby from a distance with the two-way talk, and be sure they are safe every moment of the day.


Baby monitors with WIFI or not are excellent for travel. You never know how your child will adjust to a new room at bedtime or what they will touch when you must run out of the room for a moment. You can also use the baby monitor to track the temperature in the room if it’s different from yours at home. If your baby monitor camera has a battery, you will love using it while camping so you can enjoy a relaxing night by the fire while your baby is sound asleep. Even if your baby is only a few feet away it’s still good to be able to keep an eye on your little one with the baby monitor.


Have you ever come home to a flipped over trash can in your home or a destroyed piece of furniture because of your pet? Did you know that you can use a baby monitor with video for your pets? We recommend a WIFI baby monitor that connects to your smartphone for this usage. You can keep an eye on your puppy while at work or when you run errands around town. If you see your pup going near something he or she shouldn’t be touching you can quickly use the two way talk to get him to focus on something else. This is also very useful to monitor a sick or nervous pet that has trouble and still needs you when you leave the house.


When your child has outgrown its baby monitor in its nursery, this is usually around 3-4 years of age, you can still use your baby monitor with camera and app as a home security device. You already have the camera; you might as well keep using it. Take the camera out of the nursery and place it near a door or window to see who comes in or near your home during all times of the day. With a WIFI baby monitor you can also set up notifications to your phone if there is movement outside the window on your front porch. This is great if you are in the backyard or on another floor. Using a baby monitor as a home security system is a great way to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on more important things than your front door.


More and more people are using electronic devices like baby monitors to monitor the elderly. You can use a baby monitor to help with grandparents that need surveillance during the day and for more serious cases like dementia. A baby monitor placed next to the bed or in the kitchen will help you monitor a sick family member or allow you to quickly use the two way talk if your elderly parent forgot to turn off the stove when you are away from their home. This technology can be a life saver in case of an emergency. Caregivers and even hospitals are now using baby monitors to help them monitor patients each day.


Other ways to use a baby monitor is to monitor health conditions, nightmares, sleepwalking and even older children when they are feeling under the weather. If you like having people over for dinner and tend to make a little noise, a baby monitor is a great way to keep an eye on your child while having fun with your friends.

There is no rule on when do you stop using a baby monitor, this is completely up to you. By seeing other options for your baby monitor you can understand that you don’t need to say goodbye to this investment once your baby has started to grow. We hope we have helped you answer questions like are baby monitors necessary and do I need a baby monitor with video or with an app?